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Moriel Ministries Be Alert! has added this Blog as a resource for further information, links and research to help keep you above the global deception blinding the world and most of the church in these last days. Jesus our Messiah is indeed coming soon and this should only be cause for joy unless you have not surrendered to Him. Today is the day for salvation! For He is our God, and we are the people of His pasture and the sheep of His hand. Today, if you would hear His voice, - Psalms 95:7

Thursday, January 04, 2007

The World's Strong Delusion

Alert Focus: Deception / A Burdensome Stone Luke 21:24b ...Jerusalem will be trampled under foot by the Gentiles until the times of the Gentiles are fulfilled. Jeremiah 8:11 "They heal the brokenness of the daughter of My people superficially, Saying, `Peace, peace,' But there is no peace. OLIVE TREE MINISTRIES - Understanding The Times Weekly eUpdate by Jan Markell - January 3, 2007 -- Lest you think this is just a "bashing" commentary, let me say that I believe there are decent, hard-working Palestinians who wish to raise their families, obtain good jobs, and live in peace and safety. It is likely they have all been indoctrinated with Israel-hatred for 40 years when Yaser Arafat revised history and said that most of Israel was really "Palestinian" land, in spite of the fact that there has never been an Arab Palestine. Before the 1960s, today's Palestinians were known as Jordanians, Syrians, etc. Yet this tiny representation of people is either the key to world peace and/or Mideast peace. How is this possible? The new U.N. Secretary General Ban Ki-Moon stated in the last few days that the Israeli-Palestinian issue was the core to solving all the problems in the Mideast including Iraq, Iran, Lebanon, and Syria! What is his twisted logic? He said nothing about Islamic radicalism and extremism and the nearly 40-year hatred instilled in the Palestinian people via their schools and radical leaders. He said nothing about the fact that their leaders pocket money from nations wishing to assist the Palestinian people. He only emphasized that all the turmoil would go away if Israel and the Palestinians could live side by side in peace. But it is not just Ki-Moon echoing such nonsense. So did Kofi Annan, Prime Minister Tony Blair, the U.S. State Department, and the Vatican. President Bush is on record saying he wants a Palestinian state this year and then there will be peace at least in that specific area. Fortunately there are conditions to the President's goals, conditions the Palestinians and their terrorist leaders cannot meet. Let's turn back the clock a few days and let me remind you that Saddam Hussein's last words were nothing about Iraq or the Iraqi people. Rather, he stated, "Palestine is Arab." This is the Arab obsession even as they face a noose around their neck! Nobody stood with the Palestinians as did Saddam. Over the years he gave families of Palestinian terror bombers as much as $35 million just to blow up innocent Israelis. The Palestinians cheered when Saddam reigned down scuds on Tel Aviv in 1991. They danced in the streets when America was hit on 9/11. It's a group of people that should not be rewarded with much of anything, and the assumption that world peace or Mideast peace is to resolve the Israeli-Palestinian conflict has got to be the strongest delusion of the 20th and 21st centuries. Nonetheless, this week in the town of Bethlehem, a "house of condolences" opened where people can come and mourn the death of Saddam. The mourning Palestinians had Iraqi flags and pictures of Saddam everywhere. Iraqi revolutionary songs blared over the Palestinian media. Nonetheless, Palestinian leader Mahmoud Abbas is seen as a "moderate," eager to come to some "peace agreement" with Israel, and one who desires to clamp down on the violence. The timing is eerie as after 33 years of cover-up of the murder of senior American diplomats by Arafat, spanning the course of seven consecutive U.S. presidents, the State Department is finally coming clean on this atrocity. The killing of Americans by Palestinian terrorists has been conveniently swept under the rug starting with the State Department and followed by the media. Yet Yaser Arafat was the most frequent foreign "dignitary" welcomed to the White House by President Clinton. Rather than welcoming him, America should have demanded his extradition and tried him for murder. But American tax dollars still go to Fatah, Hamas, the PLO, and Palestinian Authority. All have the same goal in their charters: Crush Israel and say one thing to the West and another to the Arab world. They hope America and other Western nations that have lost diplomats will carry on with a serious case of amnesia even though now the facts are coming out. It remains unknown what the West will do with these facts. My guess is to continue to pour millions into the coffers of corrupt Palestinian leadership and continue the mantra that much world turmoil will be quieted if we just treat the Palestinians properly and if Israel gives up more land for peace. To learn more about this and to view two moving mini film clips, visit the "Palestine" category at my Web site at this link:
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