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Saturday, March 31, 2007

Australian Anglican Church Celebrates Birth of False Prophet Mohammed

The Falling Away This came from Salt Shakers We have received notification of an event to 'celebrate' the birth of Mohammed - a false Prophet - at a Melbourne Anglican church! The event is titled "Multifaith Commemoration the Noble Birth of Prophet Mohammed" As Christians we should rebuke the term "noble Prophet" by a Christian church - Jesus clearly said there would be NO MORE Prophets!! This is the worship of a false prophet of a false god in a Christian church. Is this blasphemy? Is this sacrilege? It certainly is appeasement and Dhimmitude! God destroyed the altars of Baal - a false God. God said "Have no other God but me". How does this event in a Christian church glorify the One True God? If it does not, it has no place in a Christian Church. The Australian Intercultural Society appears to be totally focused on the promotion of Islam: