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Monday, March 07, 2011

Egypt and More

THE GOLDEN REPORT - By Jerry Golden - February 5, 2011
[...] If you are getting your news from the mainline media you are imbibing a lot of spin and very little reality. But let me say at this point that aside from God no one knows what the final outcome will be in Egypt, Jordan, Syria, Yemen, Tunisia, Lebanon and later Saudi Arabia. One thing we do know is that they all have one common denominator that binds them together. They all want to destroy Israel and kill the Jews. That, as we know, is a very old war that started with Isaac and Ishmael and rages on to this day - and will continue.

Obama has once again shown his hand by protecting Islam at the expense of Israel's survival at every turn, and in every way he possibly can. There are a few questions that have crossed my mind lately. How did these street protests become so organized so quickly? Who has been printing all the signs and why are they in English instead of Arabic? Why did Obama so quickly turn on an old friend of the US in favour of the possibility of the Muslim Brotherhood getting into power in Egypt? One thing is certain. The few friends the US has around the world are now looking at how quickly they can lose the support of Obama in a crisis. They are all coming to the same conclusion: "who needs a friend such as that?". ...

But if you are listening to the American News you would think it is all about Democracy.
We have learned from Gaza that a personal vote does not a democracy make. When people are desperate and hungry they don't think clearly, and you have to add the fact that they have been brainwashed all there lives. When there are no institutions in place to establish a real democracy then we simply see another take- over by the most evil of mankind.

Mubarak is a Dictator, but not of the Saddam Hussein variety. For the past 30 years he has held over 80 million Egyptians together. The United States has given him 1.5 Billion a year in Military aid. He has made the Muslim Brotherhood illegal in Egypt and held down other Islamic extremists. That is until Obama came on the scene. ...

People say, "Jerry, why don't you write some good news?" My answer is; "I do". The only Good News is that you must be saved and filled with the Spirit of God. ...

No, there is no good news for the people of the USA. Their fate was sealed when they elected an unknown to be President. When everything they knew about him was terrible, they still elected him. They still know nearly nothing about his past or his family, or where he was born. And he has made it very clear by his actions that he hates Israel as do Muslims around the world. ...

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