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Sunday, July 03, 2011

Birth Pangs: 2 Lists of Events Since May of 2011

In the Last Days the Scriptures Declare that there will be …

Wars and rumors of wars, famines and pestilence, earthquakes in diverse places, men fainting from fear for what is coming on the earth, and fearful events and great signs shall there be from heaven….

Below are two lists that, in my opinion, would indicate that we’re not in Kansas any more…

L. A. Marzulli

Thanks to Savannah Miller for compiling this list!
May 21: Volcano eruption in Iceland forces Barack Obama to cut his trip short.
May 21: Rising ocean temperatures in Florida
May 22: A tornado leaves a seven-mile path of destruction through Joplin, Missouri. It is reported as the single deadliest tornado since record keeping started 60 years ago. Over 120 have been reported dead; some sources put the report at over 140. The Christian Science Monitor reports that over the next three days, the same storm ripped through Arkansas, Oklahoma, and Kansas.
May 24: Flood in Thailand killes 27. Cholera outbreak in Sudan kills at least 500
May 25: Thousands of dead snails wash ashore in Bangladesh.
May 28: New strain of E. Coli discovered in Scotland
May 30: A tornado in Michigan knocked out the power for thousands. 115 volcanic earthquakes were reported on the Taal volcano in the Philippines.
May 31: Volcano in Central Java spews poisonous gas
June 1: 6.3 earthquake in Chile. A tornado in Massachusetts leaves a trail of destruction visible from space. Eight mysterious dog deaths have been reported in Yorkshire; they collapsed minutes after walking around a popular rural footpath. Russia’s Kamchatka volcano spits ash as high as 9 km..
June 1: Australia’s HIV infection rate rises.. Outbreak of deadly fish disease in England.
June 3: 6.2 earthquake reported off the coast of Japan. Popocatepetl volcano in Mexico shot ash 2 miles above the crater.
June 4: A volcano in Chile erupted for the first time in half a century; it could be seen all the way from space. The huge ash cloud disrupted airline travel, as volcano ash can damage plane engines, and dozens of flights were grounded.
June 5: A 6.3 earthquake was reported west of Macquarie Island. 800 tons of dead, rotting fish in Phillipine farms were reported.
June 7: 600 dead penguins washed up on the shores of Uruguay.
June 8: Tornado hits boy scout camp, kills 4 and injures 40
June 9: A rare whale was beached in Fort Pierce, Florida.
June 9: Anthrax outbreak being monitored in Kruger National Park in South Africa
June 10: The temperature of the sea in the Arabian Gulf is reported to be above normal, killing fish. Difficile outbreak in Nova Scotia has 49 hospital-acquired cases. E. Coli has sickened thousands and killed dozens in Germany, Russia has blocked all imports from there. A rare fungal infection is attacking the tornado victims of Joplin Missouri. 39 people have been sickened with salmonella in 14 different states.
June 10: Polio outbreak in Namibia kills 7 adults and paralyzes 33 others
June 11: The river is boiling in Chile because of the volcano. It is reported that the Kilauea volcano in Hawaii might overflow.Thousands of dead fish have been found floating in the Atlantic–with their heads and other parts chopped off.
June 12: A long dormant volcano in Eritrea erupts after a series of earthquakes and sent ash 13.5 km into the air. Hillary Clinton cut her visit to Africa short due to the ash. There was a 5.0 earthquake in Honshu, Japan. A cholera outbreak in Nigeria has killed 30 and has 200 hospitalized.The E. Coli outbreak from Germany has spread to Thailand through imported cabbage. A 5.5earthquake hits Christchurch.
June 12: Chaotic weather in New Zealand, destructive gales and snow
June 13: A 6.2 earthquake happens in the Molucca sea. A 5.4 earthquake hit New Zealand. An aftershock of 5.5 shook Canterbury, New Zealand. An aquatic center closes because of a virus outbreak. Cattle are being tested for an STD that causes them to sporadically abort. A deadly amphibian disease has been discovered in Panama. A deadly disease has been killing trees in Indiana.A herpes outbreak has killed 12 horses. A 6.9 undersea earthquake hits Indonesia. 600 cases of lead poisoning have been reported in China. In South Korea, two cases of a mysterious lung disease have been reported; it is raising fears of a deadly, unknown virus which has already killed 3 pregnant women. A city in India has fallen prey to an unknown viral fever.
June 13: Mpraeso Secondary School in Ghana closes because of a mysterious disease that infected 60 students

Another list that I compiled without links:
1. Tornados in Missouri
2. Grimsvotn Volcano erupts
3. Mississippi flooding continues at record levels
4. Grimsvotn volcano closes airports
5. More Tornados hit the heartland death toll over 500 this year
6. Japanese Fukishma reactor includes holes in # 2 & 3 Reactors
7. GLobal stock market fell as Spain default fear grows
8. Snow pack melting in western states may cause flooding
9. Drought in Texas
10. Drought in France
11. Coffee prices soar
12. Economic losses in 2011 have tripled
13. North Texas has biggest storm in years
14. New leak feared at stricken Japan nuclear plant
15. Radioactive in sea life…
16. Severe storms to hit form Gullf coast to Northeast
17. Belarus Shoppers panic as ruble collapses – FOOD SHORTAGES
18. 500 flights canceled as ash could hits
19. Drought in Europe hits wheat crop
20. Philippines Bulsan VOlcano shaken by 31 quakes in 24 hours
21. Fukishima worse than Chernobyl
22. China Grapples with worse drought in 50 years
23. Russia – Ukraine may lift ban on wheat export as US & EU wither
24. Congressman Warns: “Those Who Can, Should Move Their Families Out Of the City”
25. Pump failure nearly brings No. 5 to a boil
26. 800 tons of fish die, rot on Philippine fish farms
27. Canada – Experts seek cause of sink holes.
28. Pakistan short range Nukes targeting India
29. Delicate moment for global economy as manufacturing slows…
30. Goldman Sachs – $5 gas coming
31. More Rain and snow…National guard to Montana
32. 35 million people affected by lingering drought along the Ynagste River
33. World wheat outlook cut on drought in Europe
34. 6.0 Earthquake in Turkey kills 3
35. Australia warns of shortages after 75% of banana crop wiped out
36. memorial day snow in Aspen deeper that New Years day!
37. Melon sized hail fell before OK tornadoes hit …
38. Chicago warns of high temps in City …
39. Severe storms wreak havoc from Vermont to Georgia…
40. UN warns of riots in developing countries as drought pushes up food prices.
41. Saudi Arabia – Unkown disease kills hundreds of sheep in one hour
42. France declares alert – battles hottest spring in 111 years
43. Fear mounts as ganders gas emissions increase at Indonesia Mt. Dieng Volcano
44. Double quakes hit Chile – major trembling at south pole
45. 6.2 Earthquake off of Chile 6-1-2011
46. Yemen street battles leave 41 dead. (6-1)
47. Syria: Troops fire into crowd kills 33…
48. Tornados kill 3 in Massachusettes
49. Record Nato Deaths in early Afghan fighting – (6-2)
50. Taal Volcanic horror – Another 200 tons of fish found dead Tuesday night
51. Solar Activity rages as world awaits rare midnight eclipse
52. Shanghai sees lowest levels of rainfall in 138 years
53. Virulent E.Coli strain puzzles health officials in Europe
54. Sudan Fighting displaces 35,000 children
55. UN warns cotton – wheat crop threatened by alien weed!
56. Fukishima Debacle warned risks Chernobyl Dead zone as radiation in soil soars.
57. Flooding and cyclones batter Australian economy
58. Mystery disease kills 300 sheep within an hour in Saudi Arabia
59. Central Mexico attacked by TORNADOS! First time ever!
60. Massive wildfire in Arizona forces evacuations
61. 5 soldiers killed in Iraq.
62. Iran can produce nuke within two months
63. CHILEAN Volcano erupts… threat of ash cloud looms
64. Summer snow in Hawaii
65. Arizona fires burn more than 350 sq. Miles!
66. Ash from Chilean Volcano grounds flights in Argentina
67. Sun unleashes spectacular and powerful eruption
68. record 102 in twin cities…
69. energy prices skyrocket in Britain
70. Why are honey bees dying?
71. East Africa on FAMINE alert!
72. ‘Unprecedented’ Summerlong Flood Threatens Missouri River Dams and Levees
73. Arizona fires causes evacuation of 2 cities.
74. Solar flare sparks biggest eruption ever seen on sun…
75. Germany fears full blown bankruptcy in Eurozone…
76. Nuclear fuel has melted through base at Fukishima… worst case scenario!
77. Libya war cost sky rocket.
78. US starts 4th war in YEMEN!
79. Iran talks nakedly of testing nuclear bomb.
80. DC temperatures spike at 102
81. ARizona Fire to become biggest in states History!
82. 102 in Kansas @ midnight….
83. Dozens killed during Syrian protests
84.japan may become uninhabitable due to radiation
85. 38,000 killed in Mexico drug-wars since 2008
86. Missouri river could be flood of biblical proportions
87. Flights Australia grounded by Chilean volcano!
88. Arizona Fire biggest in States History
89. Level 4 warning in Nebraska nuke plant because of flooding
90. Worst flooding in China since 1955: 2 million suffer in China
91. COuld a huge solar flare blow our electric gird?
92. Twin quakes strike of Panama Coast (6-20-2011)
93. Iowa woman attacked and killed by cow
94. Indonesia’s Mount Bautr’s volcanic lake changes color – thousands of fish die
95. UN: Number of displaced people around the world hits 15 year high
96. EU debt crises worsens…
97. America’s breadbasket under increased assaults from natural disasters.
98. More levees fail along Missouri river – Nuke plant offline until fall.
99. US in crsis – Record heat, dry winds create wildfire threat for 7 states
100. 5 million affected by flooding and landslides in CHINA
101. 6.3 Earthquake in Chile
102. Colorado snow on eve of Summer Solstice. (2-21-2011)
103. Oceans in shocking decline
104. Kamchatka’s Shiveluch volcano unleashes another massive ash cloud.
105. N. Dakota – Souris River Valley braces for record flooding event!
106. WIdespread land cracks in India
107. Nobro Volcano in Ethiopia causes environmental crises
108. Flood risks prompt evacuations in Minot – North Dakata (6-22-2011)
109. Wildfires burn 1.4 million acres across 12 states
110. Saskatchewan flooding prompts 159 km closure of Trans Canada Highway
111. Nerves frays as CHRISTHCURCH hit by another wave of violent tremors
112. Giant mouse plague hits Australia
113. 6.7 earthquake in Japan
114. 7.2 Earthquake off Aleutian Islands (6-24-2011)
115. Tropical Storm Meari forces evacuation of 50,000 people in the Phillippines
116. 6.3 quake rattles Santa Cruz Islands: Following Alaskan Temblor
117. North Dakota’s flooding worsens
118. Greek Debt crisis in grave danger of unraveling EU financial system
119. record Dakota floods
120. Pacific on the verge of major geological event – The Big One?
121. Giant Sink Hole in Queensland
122. Radioactivity found in urine of residents near Fukishima
123. Freak Hail storm in Sweeden
124. Protective flood barriers around Nebraska Nuke plant breached!
125. Floods submerge 200 villages in New Guinea.

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