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Tuesday, December 19, 2006

Desmond Tutu: A Hypocrite Among Hypocrites? A Liar Among Liars? Or Is He Both?

Alert Focus: False Teachers / The Falling Away / Mystery Babylon / Antichrist / Deception See Related Post: Matthew 24:10-13 "At that time many will fall away and will betray one another and hate one another. "Many false prophets will arise and will mislead many. "Because lawlessness is increased, most people's love will grow cold. "But the one who endures to the end, he will be saved.` MORIEL MINISTRIES - By James Jacob Prasch - December 6, 2006 -- Most Black African Anglican Christians are conservative Evangelicals looking to the Arch Bishop of Lagos, Nigeria as their spiritual shepherd, not Desmond Tutu. The true leader of African Anglicans among other issues is concerned with the plight of the more than one million Nigerian Christians that have been killed by the Moslems in Nigeria in the last generation (which Tutu characteristically ignores), and he decidedly opposes the ordination of homosexuals and lesbians into the Anglican clergy (which Tutu supports). In Africa among his own people, Tutu is in fact a politician who uses the robes of the clergy as a mere publicity tool, and who pretends a concern for human rights, protesting on behalf of the cause of Palestinian Moslems when in fact he is silent in the face of the genocidal extermination of his fellow Black African Christians by the Moslems from Sudan to Somalia, to Northern Nigeria. Tutu also refuses to hardly utter a word as the Mugabe regime in neighboring Zimbabwe perpetrates a Stalinisesque tyranny right in Tutu’s own backyard in an abuse of human rights and dignity that leaves even the ugly injustices of apartheid wax shallow in comparison. At the same time the ANC government brought to power by Mandela with Tutu’s blessings have seen Black infant mortality skyrocket, Black longevity plummet, and Black unemployment mushroom, and corruption run rife. Not a word from Tutu either when the ANC government declared as a political decision (not a medical or scientific one) that AIDS was a social disease but not a retro viral infection better treated with African potato than anti retro viral drugs – a policy sentencing countless Blacks and their children to deaths. Tutu is such a strong moral voice in Africa that when the ANC vice president (ironically in charge of the nation’s AIDS program) said he did not contact HIV from an infected woman he was on trial for allegedly raping because ‘after sex with her he took a shower”, Tutu as usual kept silent. Having conspicuously failed Africa as a moral and as a political leader, Tutu now turns to pontificate on political morality to the West and to Israel. The Western media has a mythologized view of this demonstrable hypocrite and gives him a platform ignoring the realities of his true track record on his own African turf, where the shameful legacy of the ANC government Tutu was instrumental in bringing to power replaced one evil with a worse one. Again, while Tutu still takes public bows to the press, after well over a decade of ANC power in South Africa, Blacks die younger, have fewer jobs, far worse violent crime, and bury more of their babies and children than they did under the racist government they replaced. Teaming up with the former foreign minister of Indonesia (under the tenure of whose government persecution of Indonesian Christians reached astronomical proportions) and a court bureaucrat to the non democratic royal court of Moroccan government (where the indigenous Berber population remain second rate citizens after their Christian ancestors were exterminated by the Arab Moslem invaders who rule the country) Tutu drafted the statement below that The Washington Post was irresponsible enough to print without a due counterpoint argument being presented. Concerning the contents we can only reject it as an utterly ludicrous distortions of factual reality. We respond to the three bogus points presented by Tutu and his colleagues. 1 - Any reading of the sermon texts of imams or curricular materials from Islamic schools proves we are in a collision of cultures. Much of the Islamic fundamentalism, (funded by the Wahabist Saudi Arabians and others) proves categorically that the conflict of civilizations in the words of Islam’s own clerics is defined as such even by them and is undeniable. In the UK alone, with 40% of British Moslems admitting to being anti democracy and wanting an Islamic Caliphate, with 36% calling Western culture a threat to their Islam, and with very high percentages stating they would never report a planned terrorist attack to the police, with over 1,000 British girls forced into under age marriages annually by some good estimates, denials of two civilizations in conflict is implausible. There are three times as many conflicts in today’s world involving Islam than all other religio-people groups combined. Anyone like Tutu rejecting a collision of civilizations is either an ignoramus or a liar, if not both. 2 - Tutu’s abject assertion that the history of Islamic-Western relations is not primarily one of conflict and that Christians and Jews have been free to practice their faith in Islamic countries is preposterous. If Tutu is going to lie I would personally not expect him to do otherwise, but he should at least have the common sense to manufacture believable lies. From the Siege of Constantinople, to the Crusades, to the Saracen Wars, to Charles Martel, to the Khazar Empire, to King John Sobolesky of Poland and the twice failed Jihadist invasions reaching Vienna, to the Barbary pirates, to Ferdinhand & Isabella driving the Moorish invaders out of Spain, to Napoleon’s defeat of the Marmalukes in Egypt, to the Anglo-Afghan War , to General Gordon at The Battle of Kartoum, to the Arab Islamic jihadist conquest of Berber North Africa, to Biafra, to the Greco - Ottoman War, to the incursion and division of modern Cyprus, to September 11 th – most of this history has been marked by wars and conflict. If Tutu is going to teach history, he should first try reading it himself. But Tutu proclaims not history but a revisionism of Orwellian proportions. Tutu plainly knows little if anything about history, or for that matter about Islam. If he did he would know that fundamentalist Islam is on the ascent subsidized from Saudi Arabia in its Sunni version and Iran in its Shia version, and the very pronouncements of the Islamic theocracy itself proves that Islam views their history with the West as an ongoing conflict. There is scarcely a single Islamic country in the world that gives Christians and Jews the same rights that Moslems receive in Western countries. Predictably, Tutu has lied. 3 - Tutu’s final claim that the present conflicts are not in essence religious or cultural but rather political, in light of the aforementioned jihadist polemics by Islamic clerics seeking the propagation of their religion, go beyond the absurd. Tutu’s citation of wars in Afghanistan and Iraq as causatives in the current environment of conflict ignores that Afghanistan is a direct self defensive result of a Taliban supported terrorist attack facilitated from that country whose Taliban regime was responsible for the most unspeakable suppression of human rights imaginable and the largest source of opium for the heroine trade (that kills more than twice as many Blacks in America and Europe as it does Whites). Tutu likewise ignores the fact that the violence and killing in Iraq preceded Western intervention with weapons of mass destruction having been used by Sadam Hussein’s Baathists against thousands of Kurdish women and children in Halbja. He also fails to recognize the obvious fact that the current hatred and killing is a civil and religious conflict within Islam by Sunnis and Shias, the West is only there in support of an elected government trying to stop the Moslem on Moslem violence. Tutu points to the Israeli-Islamic conflict as a source of problems causing conflict, conveniently forgetting that if Israel (probably the only democratic nation in region fully protecting the rights of Arab Christians) did not exist , we would still be confronted with the 3.3 million dead Black African Sudanese Christians killed in the last 12 years whose blood Tutu so strategically ignores. Tutu’s capacity to refrain from mentioning the far worse atrocities of East Timor (300,000 Christians murdered by Islam), The Southern Philippines (80, 000 Christians likewise murdered), The Molukkan Island (perhaps or more 30,000 so murdered) and the far worse human rights records of Saudi Arabia, Syria, and Iran, while turning his guns against Israel, is staggering and completely ridiculous. Israel had no sooner withdrawn from Gaza in a quest for peace when Islamic forces simply used evacuated Gaza as a base to continue their jihad against Israel firing rockets, exactly as likewise transpired in Lebanon. Tutu’s faulting of the West for supporting non democratic regimes is another point of factual distortion. When the West pressed for democratic electoral reform Moslems in Gaza & West Bank, and Iraq only used their vote to elect promoters of terror, as did the Iranians and the Shia supporters of Hizbollah in Lebanon. It is probable that as polls show most Moslems are anti democracy. None of Tutu’s biased ramblings take note of the fact that the archaeological record confirms the Jews are the indigenous people of that land, and that a so called Palestinian state has never existed except that in 1970 King Hussein of Jordan , and in 1968 Yassir Arafat both stated that “Jordan is Palestine”. Nor does Tutu note that King Faisel of Iraq (displaced by the Baathists) and King Sharrif of Arabia (displaced by the Wahabist House of Saud that has decapitated people for becoming Christians) both proclaimed that Israel is the rightful homeland of The Jews. Tutu demands not an international effort to end the suffering of Christians at the hands of Moslems, but a resolution to the problems of Israel and The Palestinians who rejected a very generous peace when offered it by Ehud Barach and chose renewed terror instead. Tutu will not admit the only ‘Road Map’ the Islamists want is a map without Israel on it. Tutu’s so called commentary cites one alleged point of blame after another on The West yet utters not a syllable of the anti Westernism, anti Semitism, and persecution of Christians or the abysmal human rights situation prolific in the Islamic world. Also omitted in his perverted reasoning is that while over 90% of the Tsunami victims were moslems, over 90% of the international rescue aid and assistance came from the Christian nations, yet despite a doubling of oil revenues over the year previous, Saudi Arabia and the Gulf States hardly donated pocket change in comparison.. The only reason fundamentalist Moslems want a bridge across civilizations is so they can pursue the jihadist dictates of their religion and invade, They desire no peace (‘salim’ in Arabic), but rather Hudna - a temporary ceasefire until they can get the advantage to Massacre the non Moslem. Worse still, Tutu makes no mention of the fact that it is irrefutable that the institution of slavery exists in four Counties - Chad, Sudan, Mauritania and Niger. All four are in Africa, all the slaves are Black, and all of their owners are Afro-Arab Moslems. Well done Desmond! If there was an “Uncle Tom” award for traitor to the cause of Black freedom, Desmond Tutu would have little competition. It is not the West or the Israelis who own Black slaves and sell Black African children into slavery, it is Tutu’s “Islamic brothers”. While Tutu mentions the ‘cartoon crises’ he ignores that the most vile and uncensored material fomenting hatred of Christians, The West, and Jews appears on a daily basis in the press throughout much of the Islamic world with virtual impunity. What can be said of a Black African political theocrat who resided in an ecclesiastical palace in the Bishop’s Court enclave of Cape Town – (the Beverley Hills - Bel Air of Africa ,actually taking its name from the salubrious abode), turning a deaf ear to the frantic suffering of his own kind? This indeed is the real Desmond Tutu. Now he imagines this somehow qualifies him to preach virtue to the rest of the planet, when he shows so little evidence of any virtue himself. Given the indescribable cruelty and death Robert Mugabe is carrying out against his own people right next door to Tutu, (to Moshanna, Matabeili, and Whites alike) and given the despotic corruption and dictatorship in one post colonial Black African country after another while Tutu says and does absolutely nothing, why should the rest of the world, or indeed anyone in their right mind, pay any attention whatsoever to the pathetic likes of such a devious hypocritical serpent like Desmond Tutu? It doesn’t appear to matter to Tutu if he maligns the truth theologically or politically. Just as long as the facts are twisted and misrepresented and the truth is maligned, Desmond Tutu is always happy to smile for the camera. James Jacob Prasch -------------------------- James Jacob Prasch is Director of Moriel Ministries. Jacob is a Hebrew speaking evangelist to The Jews and a bible teacher elaborating on the original Judeo-Christian background and hermeneutics of The New Testament, and his emphasis is on church planting and missions. He and Moriel have also been a conservative voice for biblically based discernment among moderate Pentecostals and Charismatics opposed to the seductions of the ecumenism, money oriented preaching and hype artistry, ‘charismania’ and psycho-babble prevalent in today’s church. Jacob & Moriel are committed to the conviction that we are in The Last Days approaching the return of Christ and that contemporary events in The Middle East, the moral deterioration of society, the destruction of the environment, the globalization of the world economy, the rise of a pseudo democratic federal Europe and above all the apostasy in the contemporary church, are all events of prophetic significance eschatologically. Jacob’s tapes, CDs, books, and videos are available through the Moriel branches in various countries.