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Saturday, December 23, 2006

Exclusive: German patrol off Lebanon coast

Alert Focus: A Cup of Trembling Daniel 7:6 "After this I kept looking, and behold, another one, like a leopard, which had on its back four wings of a bird; the beast also had four heads, and dominion was given to it. Exclusive: Documented patrol off Lebanon coast YEDIOTH AHRONOTH (YnetNews) - By Gil Yaron - December 22, 2006 -- (VIDEO) German special naval force stationed off Lebanese coast to help stop arms smuggling. Forces explain their mandate limited, forces can 'assist', must not impinge on Lebanese sovereignty Gil Yaron VIDEO - This is what a United Nations patrol off the coast of Lebanon looks like: A Ynet correspondent took part in the German Navy's patrol, as part of the UN forces operating in Lebanon in a bid to enforce the ceasefire with Israel . For Germany, this is a historic occasion. For the first time since World War II German soldiers are commanding an international UN force. The German Navy, which for the most part has only had experience in naval maneuvers, finds itself in one of the hottest war zones in the world – off the Lebanese coast. The naval component of the United Nations Interim Force in Lebanon (UNIFIL) currently includes about 1,500 troops serving on 19 battleships from seven countries. The dark grey color of the German destroyers, which are designed to sail the Atlantic Ocean, is prominent against the background of the light turquoise of the Mediterranean. "This is a desired effect. We want to be seen," explains the German forces' spokesman Frigate Commander Bardischewski. "We are here to deter, to foil and to assist, not to fight." The role of UNIFIL's naval force, as defined in Security Council Resolution 1701, is simple: In clause 14 of the resolution, the Lebanese government is called upon "to secure its borders and other entry points to prevent the entry in Lebanon without its consent of arms or related materiel". UNIFIL was authorized to assist the government of Lebanon at its request. Admiral Andreas Krause, commander of the naval force, explained, "We are here to ensure that weapons are not transferred by sea.".... “In the past, our ships’ sophisticated radars have even located dead cows and television sets thrown into the sea. We see everything,”.... According to the formulated procedure, UNIFIL ships are merely “hailing” all ships headed to Lebanon, checking off a list of 14 questions. “Those who are suspicious are passed on to the Lebanese,” explains Lieutenant Colonel Oliver P, commander of the war room on board the force’s flagship.... However, this did not mean that Hizbullah is lying idle. The main supply routes have never led through Lebanese ports, but through the 375 kilometers of the winding and uncontrolled border with Syria.... Stationing the ships is thus mainly a political statement, clearly stating that Europe acknowledges the importance of stability in the region for the sake of its own safety. “We are protecting Europe’s shores from here,” explains Captain Mike J├Ąger, commander of a fast patrol ship off the coast of Lebanon.... The main fear is of an ‘asymmetric threat’, military vernacular for terror attacks. Part of their base of operations in Limasol, Cyprus, has become a full-fledged military basis, complete with armed German soldiers patrolling behind empty containers, with permission to open fire should anyone try to break in. The most likely scenario is a suicide commando attacking a warship with a bomb mounted on a speedboat, copying the infamous attack on the USS Cole in 2000, which injured 17 crew members were killed and injured 39. To prevent terror attacks, alert is constantly kept on its highest level. Target practices are carried out daily, anti-missile defense systems are scanning the horizon around the clock, the armed machine guns on deck can be manned within 30 seconds. However, the truly dangerous missions are left to the Lebanese Navy, the only one allowed to detain and inspect incoming sea crafts in its territorial waters.... Trade ships arriving directly from Iran pass UNIFIL ships unhindered if their papers are in order. Under these conditions, it is difficult to ensure that weapons do not make their way to Nasrallah after all.,7340,L-3343004,00.html FAIR USE NOTICE: This blog contains copyrighted material the use of which has not always been specifically authorized by the copyright owner. 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